Wednesday, February 10, 2016


This past year has been the year for babies!  I have just completed my fourth baby quilt since last spring. I really enjoy making these quilts because they are small and obviously less time consuming, and yet I like to personalize each quilt to fit the style of the family it is going to.  The fourth quilt will be revealed after my daughter Laura and her husband Matt's baby shower in March.

Five Little Monkeys

This is Melanie holding her daughter Maddie's quilt.  They wanted the same colors similar to my grand-daughter Cooper's room. Luckily I could use many of the same fabrics. I also gave her the book "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" which was the inspiration for this quilt.

Mr. McGregor's Garden

This is Henry's Peter Rabbit inspired quilt.  The middle section is a panel, which of course simplified the piecing of the quilt. I wanted more detail and "more work" to set this simple quilt off. The inner checked border surrounding the panel are small pieced squares including some chenille fabric to give it texture.

I also embroidered one feature on each square.

I did free motion quilting.

Here is a close up of the inner border.

Hillary and Henry

















Dick and Jane

Dick and Jane books were the inspiration for this quilt.

I bought this fabric previously not knowing who it would be for. When Hannah and Jeremiah were expecting their second child I thought it would be perfect.




Ready and waiting for baby!

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