Friday, March 13, 2015

Jewelry Organizer

Recently I spent some time organizing at my daughter and son-in-law's home in New York. Yes, they asked me. One of my favorite projects was making a jewelry organizer for Laura's "closet room".  The room is still a work in progress, but definitely closer than it was.  I used one of the old printer drawers that they had used at their wedding to store the tea and seating information. ( See earlier blogs.)  I cut out pieces of various scrapbook paper and placed in the back of the squares/ rectangles. Then I purchased  small binder clips and clipped them to the wood to creating hanging hooks for jewelry.  I hung it on the wall, to create a fun, artistic but practical "keeper of jewelry".  I think I want to do this for myself!

Spring Sweater for Cooper

Back in February, a friend of mine invited me to go on a "Shop Hop" around central Wisconsin. I found this Lana Merino yarn and fell in love with the colors. Perfect colors for a spring sweater for Cooper! I found several knit patterns that I liked, but I'm not a fan of knitting. (I know. I need to deal with this. ) My mom taught me to crochet, so I've always crocheted. Creating my own pattern, I came up with this...hope it fits!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Project Catch-up!

Well, once again it has been a long time since I last posted. At least I'm consistent! Here are some of the projects over the past year and present that I have completed.

Today I completed a lap quilt that I started last week. I love to go into quilt shops and look at fabrics, but I vowed I could not buy anything until I completed the last collection of fabrics that I had purchased. This quilt is fashioned after "The Modern View: Contemporary Quilt Pattern." It was fairly easy to put together. I was also able to practice "free motion" quilting with my new machine. This was a quilt I planned to keep myself, so it was easier to "practice" different free motion designs and not be so stressed about making it look perfect. 

Dresses for Cooper!

Cooper had to attend a few weddings this year.

I know...she is adorable!

1st Christmas Dress!
"I love it Grandma!" but when I can I take it off?"

Cooper the Skunk!

This outfit was a lot more comfortable!

Nine Months Old...Happy Halloween!

Another American Girl Doll Outfit

No doll has a complete wardrobe without a "Packer Game Day" outfit!
Crocheted Wedding Gift

Justin and Melanie Matney

Summer Furniture Fun

I had an old coffee table that needed to be finished.

A little McKenzie Childs inspiration!

I love painting vines!
A new patio coffee table, but what can I display in it?

My daughter reminded me about all the teacups I had left from her sister's wedding.

McKinley and Koda agreed it was a good idea!