Sunday, March 25, 2012

Size Does Matter

Medium is my favorite.
Today I ordered a medium unsweetened ice tea from our local McDonalds.  For the third time in the last month I was told that the ice tea was only served in large drink cups.  The first two times I accepted the cups in a puzzled manner.  I tried to ask why, but the only answer was: "It's our policy."  Never mind, that for the past two years I've been ordering a medium ice tea without any problem, and got one in another city just a week ago.

If you're wondering why I'm making a fuss about this, I'll tell you why.  First, I don't want that much to drink.  The cup is heavy and it's hard to lift from the cup holder.  If someone else wants to use the cup-holder next to it, you can forget it.  That tall large cup over powers the entire drink area.

Today I was not going to put up with it.  As soon as I placed my order at the intercom, as expected, the usual: "I'm sorry ice tea only comes in large." came over the speaker.   I immediately said, "Why?" ( Normally I only harass the servers at the delivery window) I could tell she was stunned with the question.  There was no response, but then it came, " It's our policy."  I'm still at the intercom, and I say, " Why is it your policy when for the past two years I've always been able to get a medium and actually if I came inside right now and got the drink myself I could get a medium?"  "OK,"  she said.  

Of course when I pulled up to the window, I apologized for being so difficult.  She said, "It's alright, I really have no idea why it's the policy". I got my medium ice tea. 

One thing I cannot complain about is McDonald's drink prices.  It's just one dollar for any size drink.  That's a lot better than the drinks at the movie theater we went to yesterday.  I ordered a small drink for $4.50.  Of course a small drink is about the size of the large at McDonalds and after drinking it, almost had to miss the end of the movie.  I was so uncomfortable. (I know, I could have stopped drinking it, but when it's there...)

Well congratulations if you made it to the end of this, and special congratulations if you read this because of the title and you were hoping for another topic.  Actually, in my opinion, no matter what the subject:  Bigger's not always better.

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