Mocha Stars Quilt

I love this lap quilt designed by Kim Diehl.  Even though I have done some quilts over the years; most of them were just patchwork and tied.  This was my first major quilt project involving hand applique and hand quilting.  Picking out the fabrics is fun.  There are approximately 23 assorted prints.  Cutting out all of the pattern pieces is definitely time consuming, but well worth it.  Rotary cut quilts are much quicker, but nothing compares with the overall look of applique when done.  If you want to tackle this quilt, get Kim Diehl's "Simple Comforts" quilt book.

I put all the small pieces in envelopes until I was ready to use them.


Completing the middle of the quilt was inspiring... enough to keep me going.

 Here is the top completed. I love how the vine of flowers ties it all together.

I got lucky and found some backing with a
star design. Perfect!

I started out hand-quilting on a quilt frame, but after hours and back pain, I took it off the frame and just hand-quilted without it in a frame...not sure that's right, but it worked for me. I had hand basted it quite a bit so that helped. It was definitely more comfortable.


I used a template for the quilting of the stars. On the background, I did a free form style.This really made the appliques pop.


I learned something new when doing applique. Using simple freezer paper really makes it easier and the overall look is more professional.  You can machine stitch the appliques and the book shares tips on making the stitches look invisible. I actually enjoy hand stitching, so that's what I did. Hand-stitched quilting is another story. This might be the one and only time I do that.  Finished!

The reason I have all of these pics, is because my daughter wanted them for her blog: The Pleat and Press. Check it out.


  1. I'm making Mocha Stars now and enjoyed the hope you gave me that I can finish mine. Yours is gorgeous!
    I'm having fun with the flowers. I'll hand quilt mine as well.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Quilter from Oregon

  2. Hello, I am working on the Mocha Stars quilt and came across this photo of yours which is very beautiful I would like to hand quilt mine but am not very good at quilt designs. Can you tell me how you made the stitches around the flowers look "puffy" is it echo quilting or another design.

  3. I guess you could call it echo or an outline stitch. That was the first hand quilting I had done. Simply not stitching on the flowers allows them to look puffy.