Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Reflection

     Even though it's a bit late, I would like to post a little Mother's Day reflection.  Last Sunday we spent the day at my youngest daughter's ( and son-in-law's) home. There were 17 of us in all.  It was a beautiful day and the food was great.  After lunch many of the women sat in the "parlor", "sitting room", the room in a four square home that isn't the living room, dining room or kitchen.  It was a look back on why perhaps a room such as this existed.  It was a memory of days gone by.  I remember my mom and her sisters doing the same thing.  After the dishes were washed and leftovers securely put away, the women would sit and relax and "visit".  I'm not sure how much of that happens anymore.  I know my mom would have enjoyed the day.  She also would enjoy seeing her grand-daughters "all grown-up".

     I'm extremely proud of my daughters.  Their success and happiness are great gifts alone, but I also received a few other gifts that day: 

Mr. Solar Frog, a gift from my environmentalist daughter. She knows I love decorating my outdoor living spaces.

My NYC daughter sent this beautiful hanging basket. She knows I love flowers. Wish she was closer.

This special plant was given to me by my temporarily adopted daughter, Neikko.  We have been caring for my cousin's German Shepherd while her family is away from home. But the best part of this gift was the card that came with it.

This special gift of course brought tears. The photo of me and my mother, me and my daughter and the blue garter ( made from my mom's wedding dress) is certainly a keepsake. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Auction Day

Danny the auctioneer

Yesterday I went to an auction.  I wasn't planning on going, but I thought I'd check it out and there were a few things that looked interesting, (a hat to be more specific) so I hung around.  Besides I couldn't mow the lawn until the grass dried so... that was my excuse to kill some time.  Auctions can be quite entertaining and the food isn't bad either.  This particular auction had the local Lions Club doing the lunch and they always have a great selection of home-made pies.   Auctions can also be a mini course in history as this one had several items from the past.  I'm pretty sure at least 60% or more of the people there were not planning on buying anything.  They just like to come and look at people's old stuff. Here are some pics of what I successfully bid on.  Unfortunately after I mowed the lawn and was going through my purchases I was missing a small chair that I had gotten for $5.  From the time I went to the car and came back I obviously didn't realize it was gone while I was loading up.  It didn't help that my mind was focused on having that piece of homemade custard pie before I left. Next auction I will bring friend Judy!

1. Old shutters
2. Linen fabric with two colors/same design
3. Old clothes drying rack
4. Several hats and hat boxes (even though I only wanted one hat)
5. Old canister jar set
6. Copper pan
7. Galvanized tub
8. Old picnic basket
9. Old crocheted table cloth with embroidery work
10. Old chair with reed seat (came up missing)
Here is a grouping of all of my purchases.
Floral hat
linen/cotton fabric

Another floral hat

Straw cap, jar set and table cloth

copper pan

This is the hat I thought my daughter would like. What's funny is soon after the auction I received a photo of my daughter and boyfriend attending the recent wedding of Matt's brother in Ireland.  As you can see, my daughter likes hats...a blue one too.
My daughter informed me this is not a hat.  It is a "fascinator". I guess some of the other head pieces I purchased might be fascinators too.  Anyway, I have quite a selection for her when she needs some head wear again!

Here's how I used some of the purchases to accessorize my porch


Since the post I retrieved my chair!