Friday, March 23, 2012

Window Quickie

Sometimes I need a "quick project" fix.  I love some of the projects I'm working on, but sometimes I need some  instant gratification.  I was going through my linen cabinet and found some curtains I had purchased at Goodwill, that I loved, but didn't know what I was going to use them for at the time.  That happens a lot!  I was getting a little tired of my battenburg lace valance in the bedroom.  Valances are popular in our house, because I love the light coming in, but it needed a little different look and maybe a little less light.
Battenburg valance.

Flipping the bottom embroidery to the top.
The Goodwill sheer embroidered panels were originally from the "The Company Store" which has some very nice quality linens.  Unfortunately there were some holes in the top of the panel. (Obviously why someone got rid of them)  I didn't need the entire length of the panel, and I really wanted to emphasize the embroidery.  I folded over the embroidered bottom of the panel and flipped it to become the top of the panel.  I sewed a channel for the curtain rod, cut off the other end of the panel eliminating the holes, restitched  what now would  be the hem and less than an hour a "quick project" fix was achieved.  Oh, by the way the panels were $3.
Even though the site says that their down comforters are manufactured in LaCrosse, you can see these panels were made in India. 
I didn't even realize the Company Store was in LaCrosse, WI; an hour away.

Here's originally what was the bottom of the panel.


After...maybe not a big change ... but I love them!  P.S. The crocheted throw made by my daughter, Leah.

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