Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Welcome Wyatt!

        January 4, 2016 we welcomed baby Wyatt into our lives. Even though his due date was December 24th, he thought January was a better month. We were very surprised that it was a boy! 
        Luckily we used the Dick and Jane theme in his nursery, which actually appears a little more masculine than gender neutral. As with Cooper's room make-over, Jeremiah had to patch up the walls, painted and put up crown molding. An old home has a lot of character, but also a lot of messy paint on the wood work from years of apparently monkeys painting and never cleaning off any drips. That was my job.  Here are few pictures:

I love the wall color.

Jeremiah made some floating shelves for vintage toys.

Throw pillows made from left-over fabric from the quilt

The bedspread I had picked up a couple years ago at a Land's End resale shop. The chenille polka dots are so 50's.

This wall collage was made with inexpensive prints in frames purchased at good will. The cow shelf was picked up at an antique shop for $4 last fall in Door County. The S for Storer may have to be a W now that we know it's Wyatt's room.
Wyatt awake.

I think Cooper likes her baby brother.

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