Thursday, February 23, 2012

What did YOU do today?

Everyday, at the end of the day, my husband or one of my daughters asks: "What did you do today?"  Of course when I was working full time, that was never a question.  They ask it with an emphasis on the YOU, because of course there's no reason to ask them.  THEY were at work. I think many people, and not just my family members are a little jealous of the fact that I can pretty much dictate my day.  Keep in mind that I taught school until approaching three years ago, when budget cuts in our school district eliminated my position and program.  (I'm not going there, that's another post). But, I do know what it's like to work outside the home.

I don't mind them asking.  In fact some days I have to really think about how I spent my day.  It does fly by. I guess because they are asking, it makes me be a little more accountable for not wasting this precious life I have.  I do appreciate that my husband's income allows me to not work full time.  I really do feel guilty if I sit down and watch "Dr. Phil" and "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". I hope they keep asking, because I never want to waste a day away. Any homemaker knows there are plenty of things to do around the house, and any one who works full time knows about all the things they'd like to do around the house. And, because I've started some new healthy habits; I have a new rule:  I can only watch "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" if I do the elliptical for 20 minutes while watching it or take the dog for a walk before the show starts. Keep tuned in, as I share with you occasional posts of "What I did Today!"

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